We need you!
We have spent a lot of time developing our recruitment process.

We strongly believe that steps described below are clear and give everyone fair chances to become our member.

Send over your application to our e-mail

Include following informations :

  • Note about your experiance in the industry, what kind of games you playing at this moment etc.
  • Recent results as graphs/sharkscope links
  • Few words about yourself (i.e. how old are you, do you have a wife, children) . Pretty much everything is important for us - the more information you will send - the better.
  • Why should we choose you, what is your motivation besides financial factor, maybe one day you would like to became our partner or coach?

We answer to every e-mail. After you sent us your application we sent you back information, that you have to wait aproximately 48 hours for further details. If our recruitment team will verify your your application positivly -you go straight to second stage of our recruitment process.

Step one

Prepare for the interview

Second stage of our process is very simple. Here we try to know you better. Our Recruitment team will contact You via email regarding Skype contact and we will talk over there. Collect as many information as it possible.

We will ask you several predefined questions (about game, life etc.). We also will try to cover areas which in our opinion wasn't cover enough in your application. Main point is to have - as stated before - better knowledge about You as a person and a player.

It helps us to create more individual offert for You in next stages of recruitation. If we will be statisfied after Skype conversation and consider You valuable to our Team - You are heading to the third step of the recruitment process.

Step two

Get to know us

In third step we let you know how our offer looks like. What you can expect from us. How it will be look like. Here is the part where you can ask some questions.

If you are not sure about some details, we are happy to make everything as simply and clear as possible. Second and third part of our recruitment process takes place during one Skype conversation.

After that we need some time to construct best and most suitable offert for you. We have to speak with our founders and after that we will contact You on Skype again.

Right after that offert lands on the table. We try to make it as fair as possible for both sides. Of course there is room for negotiations in case You don't consider our offert satisfing.

Step three

Identity confirmation

In fourth stage of our recruitment process we have to confirm your identity. Before you'll start playing and before we'll send you our money we have to be sure that you are the person we were speaking with. After your identity confirmation, we'll sent you e-mail regarding deal we have made in form of partnership agreement.

After that You are officially becoming our SmartSpin Team member with all benefits* coming from that title - congratulations!

*Don't hesitate to visit our Carrer webpage to see all of benefits mentioned above and next ranks You can achive in our team!

Step four